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7 Social Media Tools For Getting Techy

Companies today spend a lot on promoting their products and services through social media. Social media has become the new age fashion and in order to attract new customers as well as keep the old customers loyal to your company, it is important to invest in creating content for social media.


This is used to measure your social media rating and your influence across many websites. This is based on the number of people who interact on your posts. On the basis of your activity, your website gets a score between 1 and 100. If the score is below 30 then you need to buck up.


Especially useful for restaurant owners, Hootsite helps to let the restaurant owners know what their ROI is. It brings publishing, engagement, and analytics to the table.


Useful for the Twitter and Instagram accounts, the features that it offers are firstly to monitor the hash tags that are chosen and you can also monitor your posts. You can also compare the posts of your brand with your competitors. This will also let you know if your competitor has some offers going on.


A great social media site, one can get results using Twitter even in as less as a day. You need to schedule the tweets and see new posts coming daily. The site helps with SEO.

Sprout Social

This allows you to manage the messages and also to see the activities and the messages that come from various channels. It lets you also respond to the message timely.


This offers real-time monitoring which helps in simplifying reporting. It also has a very nice aesthetic and offers publishing and reporting features.


A great platform to post your videos, you could buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel and attract the audience.



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