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Chainsaw Working Mechanism

Days are gone when everyone was used to cut trees with the help of saw and this was really hard task but now the time is changed. The use of chainsaw makes everything easy hard task easy and you don’t have to be professional to use it because watching few tutorial videos and then using it will be enough. A chainsaw’s main part is chain which rotates very fast by transmission working on two cycle engine or a motor. The motor powered chainsaw is less powerful but these aren’t heavy due to no petrol tank but the battery powered chainsaw is little heavy.

Issues with Battery Powered Chainsaws

As you know that there is a battery inside the chainsaw which is little heavy and you have to charge it in order to use it. The benefit of battery is that you can use it easily due to lightweight and this is portable also. The motor rotates transmission but the user has to press the clutch in order to rotate it. These are lowest in power comparing to other types and there are many issues with it. If you are using it in cutting trees then it will take too much time. The other thing is if Sawyer doesn’t cut with right angle then it doesn’t work.

Keeping Extra Battery: Beneficial Or Not?

You have to keep extra battery which is really troublesome due to extra weight. The other issue is with motor which has less durability than an engine powered chainsaw. It’s hard to get a power source for charging in the forest. On the other hand, getting fuel for gasoline powered chainsaw is easier because you can keep extra gallon of fuel. Keeping extra battery is really expensive task. The only benefit of using battery powered chainsaw is for gardeners in shrubbery or small task.