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Your Xbox 360 Is Completely Worth Your Money

We all know that an avid Xbox 360 player will always have so much content and so much downloading to do. Every upgraded version and new content does not take long to fill up the existing memory.

But having a lack of space is hardly an excuse for a true Xbox player, who will always have something new to download. This does not mean that you stop downloading new content. This is true especially when there is a better option at hand. And that option is to get yourself an Xbox 360 HDD. This is a replaceable hard drive that works like magic.

The hard drive is removable and you can insert it again easily too. Now you will never really run out of space with this amazing Xbox 360 HDD. Installing and removing the HDD is simply a cake walk and can be done in no time. The result is that you can download all the new games, latest updates and much more without really worrying about space.

How to install the Xbox 360 HDD

It is quite simple. Follow the instructions mentioned below and you are good to go.

  • When using a Xbox 360E console. You simply turn the console off
  • Ensure the console is in a horizontal position
  • At the back of the console to the right, you need to locate the hard drive cover.
  • You simply open the cover by sliding the cover diagonally and the pulling it the hard drive cover gently. The entire procedure of opening must happen very gently. There is no need to yank or pull anything hard as that might cause damage to the cover or even the console.
  • Once you open the cover you will find a slot made for the hard drive. You simply insert the hard drive gently and push it until you hear a clear click. Again this is also a smooth procedure and no pressure needs to be applied.
  • Replace the hard drive cover and switch your console on.