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Affordable Home Security Technology Review

I have seen cameras jutting out from every home:

The first thing that strikes me when I see cameras jutting out from various stand alone homes is that how untrusting we have become as a race. I have always been skeptical of having a smart home security system in my house partly because I felt that it was all an eye wash and partly because I was under the impression that the system would be so costly that it would take me ages to complete the installments. How wrong I was!
Once bitten twice shy:

This was when I joined a new company that required me to travel very often. The first time I went for the assignment, I came back to a rummaged living and bed room. There was no explanation to it because I live all by myself. Thankfully, none of the valuable was taken. A report at the local police station revealed that I was lucky that nothing went from my home but a similar home in the neighborhood that also did not furnish a home security system had been burgled and valuable worth thousands of dollars were taken away by the culprits.

That was the moment I seriously thought about buying one:

I went through the traditional method of scouting for the best deal by dialing up agents in the area asking for a quote. I kept my fingers crossed because I did not want to spend too much of money. I had recently landed a job after much difficulty and I did not want to end up over spending and then later on have nothing in savings for a rainy day. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the quotes. They were much lower than what I had expected.

This Armcrest 960 H camera really works:

The excitement was palpable when I installed it. The technician taught me all the features and what many features does it have! I was so impressed. The smart security system is really smart to be able to include securing the house even when the inmates are sleeping or are not in the house. The camera has this feature which allows the smart phone of the owner to be linked to the cameras so he/she has live footages of the condition of his/her house.