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Drug testing just got more advanced

We are at a time when more and more colleges, schools and offices are conducting drug tests. If you need the job or an admission, one needs to pass the drug test. This often becomes a challenge if you have recently had an encounter with drugs.

Passing or failing a drug test depends upon many factors; let us consider some of them:

The factors affecting a drug test:

The kind of drug you have used is the first and most important factor. Many drugs like LSD tend to get flushed out of the system in anything around 24 hours. But drugs like weed tend to stay in the system for a couple of weeks, even more, if the usage is heavy.

This is the next factor, the quantity and the frequency with which the drug is used also affects a drug test. A heavy user will have drug metabolites in the system for far longer than a ‘one-timer’. Other factors that play a role are the person’s metabolism, body weight, other daily habits, diet etc.

The final factor that plays a role is the kind of drug test conducted.

Types of drug test: There are three commonly used variants of drug tests.

The Saliva test: This is fairly easy to clear as the toxins tend to leave the saliva in not more than a few hours.

The urine test: This is the commonest test and varies on the factors mentioned above.

The hair follicle test: This is tougher to clear as toxins tend to stay in the hair follicles for as many as 90 days.

How to pass drug tests:

This is the detox pills I would buy to pass a drug test. It is safe and made of organic substances. It mainly plays the role of masking the drug metabolites in such a way that it does not show up in the drug tests. However these detox pills are effective only for few hours, one needs to make sure the drug test is conducted within those few hours.

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