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Technology Is Pushing The Quality Of Knives Forward

Let’s be honest, there is nothing like a good hunting knife that comes along with the latest technological advancements. Thanks to new technology at work, hunting knives are now made of advanced grade steels, high-quality materials and durable coatings that are used for the best brands in the industry. Let us find out the various ways in which technology is enhancing the quality of knives.’

Speed Safe Assisted Openings

The hunting knives of today come equipped with SpeedSafe assisted openings. This type of opening had actually brought in a revolution in the market when Kershaw knives had been introduced. Since then, almost all popular knife companies have been offering similar assisted openings.

Composite Blade Technology

When you want a blade design with zero compromises, then you ought to choose a composite blade technology. These blades give you the best of both worlds. They are sharp when you need them to be sharp and they are strong when you need them to be strong. They are also styled to look classy.

They also come along with a brazed joint that not only looks good but is also very strong.

Latest Locking Systems

New hunting knives come along with different types of locking systems that prevent the blade from folding back while in use. There is the liner lock, the inset liner lock, the frame lock, the sub-frame lock, the mid-lock, the push button lock, the hawk lock, the friction lock and the tip lock.

Pocket clip

Technological advancements, according to trailcampicks.com, primarily mean that it is more convenient to use something. Knives these days come along with pocket clips that make it easier to carry them without losing them to the bottom of your pocket. The position of these pocket clips also determines the ease with which they can be carried.

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