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Ways to make your online privacy hacker proof

The internet has penetrated every domain. We now use the internet across multiple devices. With the growing number of users and the growing benefits and potential of the internet there is also an increase in the number of online hackers. Here are some tips to help protect your data and your device from the hackers:

  1. Use strong passwords:

As clichéd as it might sound it is still the first main step to ensuring internet security. Use passwords that are difficult to guess and do not use the same password for all your accounts.

  1. Have a good internet security in place:

There are several ways to strengthen your internet security. Some of the anti-virus software tools come with strong firewalls for internet browsing as well. I protect my family’s private information using this digital service and there are many more such options to help secure your device.

  1. Do not click on links you are not sure about:

When you find random links appearing on your screen do not click on any of them. Some of them are designed to blend with the existing page and some are designed with catchy content to lure users to clicking them. No matter how flashy it might look do not click it unless you know what it is about.

  1. Do not subscribe to all free services:

You might come across various sites that offer free subscriptions to several things. There might be some that send interesting content and some that send promotional offers and coupons. This is just an example. But if you provide your email details on a site which is not reliable your inbox might get spammed with too many unwanted emails. And accidently clicking on any of these spam emails might again result in making your account and your device vulnerable to hacks.

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